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Join our league of digital farmers funding farms & empowering farmers while making profit.

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Select a farm of choice, specify the number of farm units, then sponsor the farm by proceeding to make Payment.

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Receive monthly updates on farm progress.

Receive returns

Receive the returns of proceeds, distributed to all subscribers account at the end of each farm cycle.

Agric Investment

Farmbasket Agro brings Investors and farmers together for improved food production and mutual benefits


We manage investors farms and ensure maximum profitability. Starting from 15% ROI, Farmbasket Agro offers one of the highest ROI in the Agric Space


We empower local skilled farmers with investors fund to farm and produce at specific capacity, which in turn yield Profit after Sales

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Need to know about us?

FarmbasketAgro is an agri-tech that offers you the platform fund various agric enterprise and make profit after harvest. We farm and also empower rural farmers with funds nd technology to drive agriculture food production and post-harvest services.

FarmbasketAgro business process is made up of The Sponsor, The Farmer, and FarmbasketAgro. Our digital platform connects sponsors to farmers

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